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WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v9.0.2.19 – WordPress Plugin – Advertise Amazon products on your Woocommerce website and earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases.

You can also receive advertising fees from all products your visitors buy, visit, not just the products you advertise thanks to our 90 days cookie feature.

Also, our On Site Cart feature allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon, and that means multiple commissions for you!

Great SEO content for your products, our WooZone Plugin takes all data available for all Amazon products: Title, Prices (regular prices, sales prices and all prices variations), all products attributes, product reviews and full products descriptions.

Using our WooZone Plugin you can bulk import hundred of products from Amazon into your Woocommerce Store in just a flash. Our newest version has an ultra fast import system, in which you can import products in less than one second!

The plugin is build on our custom AA-Team framework, and based on modules mananger , very easy to use & administer.

On our Advanced Search & Bulk Import Module, you can Search by Categories / Subcategories / Keywords, select the products that you want, and click import! It doesn’t get any easier!

Also depending on category, you can filter products by Brand, Condition, Manufacturer, Maximum / Minimum price, Merchant Id , Product minimum percentage off and of course by Bestsellers, Rank, Sales flag, and so on.

If you want to MASS Import Products from Amazon, you can do so using the CSV module.All you need is a ASINS list.Using the ASIN Grabber module you can get one in just a flash!

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v9.0.2.19 – WordPress Plugin Changelog

# Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

## []
– added “Close button” to the ‘Install default config’ message (solved the bug which exists in the version for this close button)
– solved bug: amazon config / plugin setup tab / option “Show buy url as Amazon url” set on “Yes” changes the link on the woocommerce product page, but not in the product in a post widget.
– solved bug regardind the cross sell (Frequently bought together box from frontend product page) prices and currency symbol

## [] – 26.01.2016
– solved the “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘request_amazon’…” issue
– added dissmiss button for the default install bar

## [] – 19.01.2016
– solved the bug “checkout redirect to amazon not working” which occures after woocommerce 2.5.0 update

## [8.4.1] – 12.01.2016
– solved bug: the amazon config settings were overwritten by some default settings when updating to plugin version 8.4
– solved request: “as of” appears now only once alongside the product price

## [8.4] – 14.12.2015
– solved bug: products synchronization & stats interface breaks on too many products in database – now the interface have a pagination system
– update: AA-Team amazon config keys are set by default in “modules/setup_backup/default-setup.json”; try to generate your own keys after you make some tests with the plugin using AA-Team default keys

## 03.11.2015
– solved bug: “as of” missing for new imported products (bug generated in case the product wasn’t synced at least once)

## 21.10.2015
– Insane Mode module/ added “check all” selection for products loaded in queue!
– solved bug: “Request-URI too long” which occured on wp admin panel / products list section
– added the PSP “Modules Manager” module version (with multiple modules activate/deactivate operation)
– solved bug: which occured when importing variable products with default status = draft => the variation were not available and the product become “This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.”
– solved bug for product attributes: for example when in frontend an attribute like size had only one value (like “one size”) the dropdown didn’t have any value!

## [8.3] – 18.09.2015
– added Amazon API access for Mexico, Brazil (Affiliate IDs configurable in the Amazon config module)

## [8.2.2] – 26.08.2015
– Fixed “Import Insane Mode” bug:
– when importing products, categories from amazon are not imported in website
– added new option “Fix Product Attributes (woocommerce 2.4 update)” on Amazon config / Bug Fixes – need to be run for products already existing in website database
– Fixed “Variations” not displayed anymore bug: for variable products

## [8.2.1] – 30.06.2015
– Fixed issue for items with multiple “Reviews”.

## [8.2] – 29.06.2015
– Added new import module called Insane Mode – this allows you to import 50 products at once per general search and 100 products at once per categories / subcategories

## [8.1.3] – 29.05.2015
### Fixed
– variable products “Buy at Amazon” button bug: added the product to cart even if the product should be redirected to amazon instead

## [8.1.3] – 28.05.2015
### Fixed
– Content Spinner not working on some servers when using WP_filesystem. Try to get treasure file with php native function

## [8.1.3] – 05.05.2015
### Changed
– Already imported function now checks for postmeta “_amzASIN” only on posts that have post_type “product” or “product_variation”
– Tool “Clean Orphaned AMZ Meta” now also deletes “_amzASIN” from postmeta if assigned to invalid post types. Post Types taken into consideration are only “product” and “product_variation”
– Product “As of” date & time localization using wordpress admin selected ones (date & time format)

### Fixed
amzStore_bulk_wp_exist_post_by_args – checks only posts that have post_type “product” or “product_variation”

## 22.04.2015
– fixed bug: when importing a product, if a product has variations, but don’t have an associated feature image, then the first image found from the variations array, will be used

## 10.04.2015
– fixed bug: product description loose

when updating: if you choose to update product description in sync settings, then

shortcode which contains the product images, will be lost after update!
– fixed bug: product short description cand be updated at synchronization!

## V 8.1.2 – 27.03.2015
– bug fixes on cronjob products synchronization (bug: sync cycle run once but halted after)
– fix “www.amazon./gp/aws/cart/add.html missing domain” issue
– fix “when product has only one variation” issue – with variation attributes

## 25.03.2015
added new module for reporting – to be send via email

## 23.03.2015
added new option in amazon config module: “Button buy text” to set globally the button buy text for your all your amazon products

## 13.03.2015
fix on last sync date in product details page – as of date was inccorect and was not reflecting the last update date

## 11.03.2015
Bugfixes on cronjob

## 06.03.2015
### Changed
– new module “Plugin Cronjobs”
– here you can activate or de-activate the cronjobs associated with our plugin (see documentation for future details)
– re-designed and greatly improved module “Synchronization log” using the “Plugin Cronjobs” functionality also
– re-designed and greatly improved module “Products stats” based on “Synchronization log” interface

## 03.03.2015
### Changed
– Fixed tool “Clean Orphaned AMZ Meta”.

## 20.02.2015
### Added
– On Amazon Config save: Check for and remove mistake in keys after copy/paste them from Amazon

## 17.02.2015
### Changed
– Fix, configuration problem with special character: “=”

## 11.02.2015
### Added
– New option to enable/disable product short description on import

## 09.02.2015
## Changed
– Check if the product have an ASIN meta assigned to it and then display it in the price fix ajax table

## 05.02.2015
### Added
– New option to create only parent categories from Amazon on import instead of the whole category tree

## 04.02.2015
## Changed
– Fixed the wordpress menu checkbox flicker when asigning a menu in wordpress admin
– Fixed the auto-refresh if trying to bulk edit woocommerce products

## 30.01.2015
## Changed
– Fixed the CSV bulk import to user specified-category

### Added
## 29.01.2015
– Autotrim whitespaces on inputs in the Amazon Config area

## [7.0.6] – 28.01.2015

## 28.01.2015
## Changed
– Hierarchical list of categories for Advanced Search & CSV import module Import In option.

## Changed
– Import also “Sales Rank” attribute to products from Amazon

## [7.0.5] – 26.01.2015
### Added
– Frontend: “Sort by Sales Rank” option
– Synchronize option – “Sales Rank”

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